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Brief Reflection on Coronavirus, or: Realizing The World Is (Slightly) Falling Apart

Talking with a friend about how things are falling apart, how we might not be able to return to campus for the rest of the term; me realizing just how ma...

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Meaning and Purpose in Life as an Equilibrium of Monkey Mechanisms in an Unmonkey World (briefly ft. Coronavirus)

Talking about Coronavirus, confrontation with the possibility of death or the death of a loved one, and the emotional pain caused by having higher desire...

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I sat on the floor of my room, eyes closed. My brain was filled with noise, with random thoughts and anxieties throwing themselves all around. “Clear, cl...

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platonic slut

A label Tessa and Kelly came up with for me, because I have so many platonic one-night stands.1 Sure enough, I had platonically “fucked,” without enteri...

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Thoughts on Ben Platt, Excellence, and Running

I: Ben Platt Yesterday, I read this New York Times feature on “Dear Evan Hansen” star Ben Platt. It discusses Platt’s background immersed in musical the...

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library stairwell

Searching for a study space with sight of the clear afternoon sun, Maxwell and I end up in the back stairwell of the library. Tucked between the furthest...

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folding clothes

There’s a simple joy to folding clothes. At 2 AM, I descended to my room only to find the pile of unfolded laundry I had left on my bed. I was dismayed a...

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bus ride

Sitting in a coach bus — “the nicest I’ve ever seen,” says Christina — my relphil reading on my lap in front of me, wearing sleek purple-blue Nordic gear...

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Welcome! ~About This Blog

Hi, welcome to my blog! I’ve wanted to build a blog for a while. Over the summer I remade my entire website and now I’ve finally added a blog to it. I ha...

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Hymn for a Scarecrow Cover

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