YouTube Liberation

Chrome extension to liberate you from the infinite distraction cycle of YouTube.

Like other social media platforms, YouTube is very good at showing you content that you want to watch but weren’t planning to or looking for, making it super easy to get distracted and get sucked into one video after another and suddenly lose an hour of your day. Yet there are so many valuable resources and videos that you can’t find elsewhere: tutorials, event coverage, specific creators you subscribe to who you know always publish high-quality content worth watching. For many of us, the value of YouTube makes it worth the sacrifice of even its most distracting possibilities, and it’s impossible to just cut away.

What if it didn’t have to be this way? What if you could have the good of YouTube, see the content you want to see, without the platform constantly trying to drag your attention through an endless stream of productivity-draining drudgery?

This is the philosophy behind YouTube Liberation. It’s time to rise up, lose your chains, and join us as we march our way towards a better YouTube!

The extension works by injecting CSS and Javascript code to block certain elements from displaying or rendering and inserting more minimally-designed ones. Get the extension through the Chrome Web Store.

Other code & building projects

Auto Turner: A mechanical page turner for musicians. The final result of Cooper Union's 6 week product design and prototyping Makerspace class in the Summer STEM 2018 program.

Motorized Camera Gimbal: Building a motorized 3-axis gimbal to stabilize cameras for filmmaking using 3D printing and laser cutting. Personal project through the Phillips Academy Makerspace.

(WIP) Morse WordPress Theme: A WordPress theme custom-made for small newspapers. Built with versatility, ease of use, and maintainability in mind.

RL-Timeline: Esports is all about the storylines; but with team changes and roster shuffles several times a year, they're hard to follow. RL Timeline is a concept for a way to see Rocket League History in a whole new way.

Small Form Factor Ryzen PC Build: A custom PC the size of a shoebox, but with a beastly Ryzen R5 2600 and GTX 1060 for twice the power of my old build. I discuss the components I selected, the build process, and the final performance and cooling.

YouTube Liberation: Chrome extension to liberate you from the infinite distraction cycle of YouTube.

sota.js: An easy-to-use, beautiful, d3.js-based charting library. Originally built for The Phillipian's State of the Academy 2020 survey

SZ Project Tracker: App for effortlessly keeping project/learning/anything logs. Built in React with serverless AWS backend