Small Form Factor Ryzen PC Build

A custom PC the size of a shoebox, but with a beastly Ryzen R5 2600 and GTX 1060 for twice the power of my old build. I discuss the components I selected, the build process, and the final performance and cooling.

Recently I built a tiny little mid-range video editing and light gaming PC. Using MSI’s new B450I ITX board and Corsair’s H60 all-in-one liquid cooler, I was able to run a Ryzen R5 2600 and GTX 1060 in an enclosure the size of a shoebox. In this video I share my thought process and experience of building in the SG13 with a liquid cooler (cable management and the like) as well as the cooling, performance, and overclocking capability of the system.

Full parts list:

Final price of all components: ~$900

A few of these parts were pulled from my old build, namely:

So the price of the upgrade was about $450.

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