Motorized Camera Gimbal

Building a motorized 3-axis gimbal to stabilize cameras for filmmaking using 3D printing and laser cutting. Personal project through the Phillips Academy Makerspace.

Camera gimbals allow filmmakers to replicate the stability and camera movement of a Hollywood cinema camera and steadicam rig but with much smaller cameras like DSLRs and at a lower price and greater flexibility. I’ve always wanted one for myself, but I thought it would be more fun to try and build one myself in my school’s makerspace than to buy one.

Building a camera gimbal in a school makerspace on my own has been expectedly hard, and I’ve had limited time to work on the project. I worked out the electronics and basic design and completed a functional 2-axis prototype (seen above). When adding the third axis, the camera became out of balance and the motors couldn’t handle it. The roll arm also proved too weak to hold up the other two arms, three motors, and the camera, starting to flex and crack apart. My next steps will be coming up with a new design with adjustable arms for balance and a stronger material or more supports so the arms will remain stiff and stable.

Other code & building projects

YouTube Liberation: Chrome extension to liberate you from the infinite distraction cycle of YouTube.

Small Form Factor Ryzen PC Build: A custom PC the size of a shoebox, but with a beastly Ryzen R5 2600 and GTX 1060 for twice the power of my old build. I discuss the components I selected, the build process, and the final performance and cooling.

RL-Timeline: Esports is all about the storylines; but with team changes and roster shuffles several times a year, they're hard to follow. RL Timeline is a concept for a way to see Rocket League History in a whole new way.

Auto Turner: A mechanical page turner for musicians. The final result of Cooper Union's 6 week product design and prototyping Makerspace class in the Summer STEM 2018 program.